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Garsons Farm Pumpkin Parade

Picking fruits and vegetables has become one of our favourite family activities during summer and autumn. It makes for a fun day out, as well as a great learning experience, making our way through the crops, filling up baskets with delicious produce for a low price.

Garsons Farm Strawberry Crop

Garsons Farm in Esher, Surrey, has one of the best pick your own fruit and vegetable farms near London. It is also the UK’s largest, with 28 crops of fruit, vegetable and flower crops open from June to October. We’ve been visiting Garsons Farm at least once during the summer to pick strawberries and again in October to pick pumpkins at the patch. In this post, I’ll be sharing more about the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available for picking at Garsons PYO Farm and what to expect visiting in 2022.

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Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

Tip: Check the Garsons PYO Farm website for the latest crop availability updates

At Garson Farm’s Esher location, in addition to the Pick Your Own Farm, you’ll find a large Garden Centre, Restaurant and a Farm Shop. There are restrooms and baby changing facilities within the Garden Centre, and a small playground near the restaurant. There are no toilet or restaurant facilities on the PYO Farm.

Booking a Farm Pass

Farm Passes are now available to book for the summer season at Garsons PYO Farm Each individual, including children and infants, need to have a Farm Pass which cost £4 per adult and £1 for child. The cost of the Farm Pass(es) are deducted from your pick your own purchases at the farm exit. Remember to hold onto the receipt that you will receive when your farm passes are scanned at the entrance kiosk.

Garsons Esher Pick Your Own Farm

You can walk around the farm, but the crops are very spread out across 150 acres so I would recommend driving to the fields. When you enter the PYO farm, you will need to show your confirmation email, either on your phone or a printed copy, so the staff can scan the Farm Pass barcode.

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

The dirt road around the PYO farm is one-way and by most crops, there is a parking area and a kiosk with small punnets (that hold approximately 1 kg of produce) or large punnets (that hold about 3 kg) which you can take free of charge. Compostable bags are also provided for vegetable picking.

Strawberry Picking Surrey

Produce is weighed at the exit tills, and the cost of your Farm Pass(es) will be deducted from the total bill, providing the produce is equal or of higher value than the Farm Pass cost. Cash is not accepted at the exit tills. Garsons PYO Farm accepts contactless and chip and pin card payments, excluding American Express.

Garsons Surrey PYO Farm Prices

Pick Your Own Strawberries

We go fruit picking at Garsons Esher every summer, and strawberries are always a highlight. Freshly picked strawberries are so delicious and absolutely worth coming out to a PYO farm to gather your own. It’s a fun experience that my kids look forward to each year.

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

There are several types of strawberry crops around Garsons Farm, either in an open field, in table-top rows, or in an area covered by a shade cloth (pictured below).

Garsons Farm Strawberry Picking

The type of crop you can pick strawberries at varies depending on which crops are ready for picking on the day you visit. On some days you might find several strawberry crops open for picking around the fields.

Strawberry picking in Surrey

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

Carrots and Spinach

One of the reasons why we enjoy coming to Garsons Farm is the variety. In addition to having a wide selection of produce to pick, it’s a great educational experience for kids to see how different fruits and vegetables grow. On one of our June visits, we picked carrots and spinach in addition to strawberries.

Pick Your Own Farm Esher Surrey

Garsons Farm Spinach Picking

Green Beans, Cherries and Spinach

July is a great time to visit when plenty of crops were open. On one visit, we ended up picking strawberries, cherries, raspberries, and French beans.

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

Raspberries and Plums

We have also visited Garsons Farm in early September. Again, there was a variety of crops to pick from, with our favourites being the raspberries and plums.

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm Surrey

Sweetcorn and Sunflowers

During our September visit to the Garsons Pick Your Own Farm, we also picked apples, sweetcorn and a couple of sunflowers. Little T was much more interested in the ladybugs he found on the leaves in the corn field.

Garsons Farm, Esher, Surrey

Tip: Bring scissors or flower snips if you plan on picking sunflowers! And ideally a container with water to hold the cut flowers in

Sunflower, Garsons Farm, Surrey

Pumpkin Patch

It’s also an annual family tradition to visit the pumpkin patch at Garsons Farm in October. For the 2022 pumpkin picking season, Garsons Farm Esher have moved all of the pumpkins from the fields to the Pumpkin Parade, a covered area in the PYO farm, to keep them safe and dry.

Garsons Farm Pumpkin Parade

Pick up a wheelbarrow at the Pumpkin Parade entrance and choose from hundreds of pumpkins. Several decorated areas have been set up for autumn and Halloween themed photo opportunities. There is also a Children’s Corner with decorated character pumpkins and tables for colouring activities and noughts and crosses games.

Pumpkin Picking in Surrey

To book a Pumpkin Pass, visit and choose a time slot. Each individual, including children and infants, will need to have a Pumpkin Pass, which costs £4 for adults and £1 per child. The cost of the pass(es) will be deducted from your PYO purchases at the farm exit.

Pumpkin Parade Garsons Farm Surrey

Pumpkin Parade Dates: 7 – 30 October 2022

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Garsons Farm Shop

Voted Surrey’s best farm shop, the Farm Shop at Garsons Esher stocks high quality produce; local and regional cheese; freshly baked bread and pastries; locally-made wines, beers and spirits; free-range beef and poultry; speciality foods and artisan products from around Surrey, Hampshire and beyond.

Garsons Farm Shop Esher Surrey

There’s also a section of American food products, particularly helpful if you’re looking for certain ingredients, favourite snacks or special treats for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

Garsons Farm Shop American groceries

The Farm Shop at Garsons Esher is always a pleasure to visit and we always stop by after the PYO farm. It’s especially lovely in autumn with the displays of pumpkins and gourds and a great selection of gifts and festive treats for the holidays.

Garsons Farm Pumpkins Surrey

Gourds Garsons Farm Surrey

Garden Centre and Restaurant

There’s a large restaurant, the Orangery Tea House, inside the Garden Centre that also has outdoor seating. You can order off the menu or pick up sandwiches, drinks, cakes and snacks at the café.

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

The Garden Centre is huge with a wide selection of home décor, toys, garden furniture and grills, toiletries, clothing, plants and flowers. There’s also a small playground just outside the restaurant.

Garsons Pick Your Own Farm

Picking strawberries in the summer and visiting the pumpkin patch in autumn – and so many other fruits and vegetables in between! – have become annual traditions we look forward to. With its wide variety of crops open between June and October and a convenient location only about 40 minutes from West London, Garsons Farm makes for a great family day out and a fun, educational experience for kids to see how different fruits and vegetables grow. And you end up with a bunch of delicious produce, at a low price, to enjoy once you get home!

Garsons Farm Esher

Address: Winterdown Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 8LS

Opening Hours: Pick Your Own Farm is open from June to October. Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm; Sunday 11am – 5pm

Farm Pass: Book a Farm Pass and choose a time slot in advance at Each individual, including children and infants, will need to have a Farm Pass which cost £4 per adult and £1 for child. The cost of the Farm Pass(es) will be deducted from your PYO purchases at the farm exit.

Family-Friendly Facilities: Restaurant offering kid’s menu and lunchbox items, playground near the restaurant, restrooms and baby changing facilities in the garden centre.

Parking: Free parking at the garden centre – including parking for families with young children by the disabled spots – and around the Pick Your Own farm area.

This post was updated on 12 October 2022 with new photos and information about the Pumpkin Parade.

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Garsons Pick Your Own Farm Surrey

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