Guide to Disneyland Paris Attractions

Guide to Disneyland Paris Attractions

Plan your next Disney trip with this comprehensive family guide to Disneyland Paris attractions. This guide covers all you need to know to choose which attractions and rides would work best for your family.

Disneyland Paris Rides List

Disneyland Paris features two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Disneyland Park is the main park with the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle and many of the classic rides. Walt Disney Studios Park is a smaller version of Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and features attractions and shows themed on Pixar, Marvel and Disney television.

Disneyland Park Attractions

Disneyland Park is divided into five distinct lands that all meet at the top of Main Street U.S.A. in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Disneyland Paris’s main park is much smaller than Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Park in Anaheim. You could easily plan for one to two days at Disneyland Paris.

Main Street USA Disneyland Paris

The themed lands at Disneyland Park are Main Street U.S.A., Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. In the following list of Disneyland Paris attractions, learn more about the rides at each of these themed lands.

Main Street U.S.A.

Located just after the park entrance of Disneyland Park is Main Street U.S.A., themed on charming early 20th-century American towns and inspired by the childhood home of Walt Disney. Main Street U.S.A. is lined with bakeries and candy shops, clothing and souvenir shops, gas-lit arcades and classic American restaurants.

Disneyland Paris Main Street USA Architecture

Along with the old-fashioned sweet shops and shopping boutiques, highlights from Main Street U.S.A. include;

Horse-Drawn Streetcars [All Ages] Climb aboard one of Main Street’s ornate horse-drawn streetcars and enjoy a 5-minute ride taking in the views. Take the streetcar from the interchange with Main Street Station on Town Square or from the gardens of Central Plaza.

Disneyland Railroad [All Ages] Ride on an authentic steam-powered train for a unique sightseeing tour around Disneyland Park. The 20 minute train ride departs from Main Street Station and Frontierland Depot.

Main Street USA Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris also has several unique walk throughs and arcades to discover during your visit! See if you can find the hidden doorways while strolling through the Main Street U.S.A. arcades.

Discovery Arcade – Walkthrough A hidden gem in Main Street U.S.A., this gas-lit arcade is a homage to the Golden Age of invention. Discover scale models of some of the 19th Century’s greatest, ground-breaking creations and display cases filled with visionary gadgets.

Liberty Arcade – Walkthrough Lit by gas lanterns and built from ornate ironwork, the Liberty Arcade is dedicated to the story of the Statue of Liberty, with historic photographs and display cases illustrating the inception and construction of Lady Liberty.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

The iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle has been recently renovated in time for the 30th anniversary celebrations at Disneyland Paris. This is an old photo – during our last Disneyland visit, the castle was all boxed up and under works, so we are looking forward to seeing its newly restored look for 2022!

Disneyland Paris Castle

The Disneyland Paris castle is a 167-foot structure, boasting soaring spires, ornate turrets, stained glass windows and tapestries. The castle was designed to invoke both the magic and mystery of the fictional palace seen in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, along with elements from real French castles and historic monuments.

Gardens of Wonder – The gardens between Main Street U.S.A. and Sleeping Beauty Castle are often decorated for the seasons or special events. For Disneyland Paris’s 30th anniversary celebrations, the gardens feature 30 unique sculptures of Disney characters. Make sure you stop by during the day and at night for two different experiences to enjoy these enchanting displays.

Disneyland Paris Gardens of Wonder Dumbo and Tigger

La Tanière du Dragon – Walkthrough One of the unique things to do at Disneyland Paris is to venture beneath the Sleeping Beauty Castle to the dragon’s lair. This walk-through attraction features an animatronic dragon hidden in a dark dungeon, silently dozing away. Wait a few moments for a hot, rumbling surprise when the dragon wakes up!

Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle Dragons Lair


Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland consists of many of classic Disney park attractions, including Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Peter Pan’s Flight. Since many of the Fantasyland attractions are suitable for all ages, this is the best themed land to start with if you are visiting Disneyland Paris with young children.

Fantasyland Disneyland Paris

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – Walkthrough One of the unique things to do at Disneyland Paris is to visit Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. Make your way through Wonderland, meet its famous magical creatures and take on the Queen of Hearts’ daunting maze.

Alice in Wonderland Disneyland Paris Attraction

Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains – Dark Ride [All Ages] Ride a mine cart through the enchanted land of Snow White and the Seven Drawfs. This indoor dark ride brings the famous fairy-tale to life. Scenes include a look into the evil queen’s mirror, a journey through haunted forest and a visit at the dwarf’s cottage.

Casey Jr. Circus Train – Train Ride [All Ages] Climb aboard the circus-themed train from Disney’s Dumbo for a mini journey through Storybook Land, which is made up of familiar settings from classic Disney movies rendered in miniature scale.

Casey Jr Circus Train Disneyland Paris

Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Aerial Ride [All Ages] One of Disney’s most iconic rides, the Dumbo ride is an aerial, carousel-like ride where passengers ride in circles in a Dumbo-themed gondola. You can move higher and lower by moving the lever inside the gondola.

Dumbo Ride Disneyland Paris

Le Carrousel de Lancelot – Carousel [All Ages] Go on an enchanting ride on Sir Lancelot’s merry-go-round, with nearly 90 intricately designed horses and several two seated chariots. The Fantasyland carousel features organ music from various Disney films.

Sir Lancelot Carousel Disneyland Paris

Le Pays des Contes de Fées – Boat Ride [All Ages] The Storybook Land Canal boats in this classic Disney attraction bring guests on a peaceful cruise through a land filled with miniature versions of famous storybook tales.

Storybook Land Canal Boats Disney Paris

The tiny, extremely detailed houses in Storybook Land are created on a one-inch to one-foot scale. Featured scenes include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Hansel and Gretel.

Fantasyland Attractions Disneyland Paris Storybook Land

Les Voyages de Pinocchio – Dark Ride [All Ages] Join Pinocchio, and his friend Jiminy Cricket, on a quest to become a real boy. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey is a 3D attraction and includes some darkness, loud noises and scary elements that could frighten young children.

What is a Dark Ride? Dark rides are typically indoor rides that carry guests through multiple specially-lit scenes that tell a story through animation, sound, music and special effects.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups – Spinning Ride [All Ages] Spin around in a giant teacup through a music-filled whirlwind in one of the iconic Disney attractions! You can control the spin with a wheel in the middle of the teacup.

Mad Hatters Tea Cups Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland Paris version of Disneyland’s Mad Tea Party is the only version with a stunning petal-shaped glass roof.

Peter Pan’s Flight – Dark Ride [All Ages] Another popular ride at Disneyland, Peter Pan’s Flight is a dark ride where guests soar over 11 scenes of London and Never Land in a flying pirate’s galleon.

CLOSED FOR REFURBISHMENT: ‘it’s a small world’ – Boat Ride [All Ages] One of the classic Disney rides that you’ll find at all Disney theme parks, ‘it’s a small world’ is a boat ride that takes you on a whimsical world tour.

Disneyland Paris its a small world ride

Dolls from all over the globe sing and dance to the tune of ‘it’s a small world’. ‘it’s a small world’ is currently closed for refurbishment (updated April 2022). 

Disneyland Paris its a small world

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Themed to the American Frontier of the 19th century, Frontierland is set within the Old West town of Thunder Mesa. Every Frontierland attraction, store and restaurant is themed to the age of cowboys and gold miners, with red rock buttes, saloons and a steam boat river ride.

Disneyland Paris Frontierland Attractions

Big Thunder Mountain – Thrill Ride [Height Requirement: 1.02 m / 3′ 4″] One of Disneyland Paris’s top family-friendly attractions is Big Thunder Mountain, a Wild-West themed rollercoaster ride in the heart of Frontierland. Go on a thrilling ride of dips and sharp turns beneath the Rivers of the Far West, plummeting through the darkness and rattling around the mountain.

Top Thrill Rides Disneyland Paris Big Thunder Mountain

Frontierland Playground Located on the shores of Rivers of the Far West, there is a playground for young children with canoe-shaped slides, tee-pees and springed wooden horses.

Phantom Manor – Dark Ride [All Ages] Another iconic Frontierland attraction at Disneyland Paris, the story behind Phantom Manor is that it was once home to one of Thunder Mesa’s founding families. Discover the mystery behind the haunted mansion, coming across ghosts, spirits, and more surprises along the way.

Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris Attraction

This dark ride combines a walkthrough portion with Omnirover (Doom buggy) vehicles. Note that while this is a family-friendly ride, there are moments that young children might find unnerving, including when the room plunges into total darkness and screams can be heard from inside the mansion.

Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery [All Ages] Test your trigger skills with this shooting range full of interactive moving targets. Additional charge for this attraction, last check it was €2 per play.

Shootin' Gallery in Frontierland Disneyland Paris


Go on a voyage across the globe in this next part of the guide to Disneyland Paris attractions. The rides and walkthroughs at Adventureland take you sailing with swashbuckling pirates on the high seas, exploring ancient temple ruins and wandering through the vibrant streets of Agrabah.

Adventureland Disneyland Paris

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Adventure Isle – Walkthrough There are two sides of Adventure Isle that children will enjoy exploring. The north part of the island features a shipwreck, a network of spooky caves and the Swiss Family Treehouse. At the south part of the island, explore a rocky landscape where the pirate galleon is moored.

Adventureland Rides at Disneyland Paris

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril – Thrill Ride [Height Requirement: 1.40 m / 4’6″] Climb aboard a mine cart to search for a missing expedition party at the Temple of Peril. With a nail-biting climb and sudden drops, this roller coaster ride takes you on a thrilling spin around the towers and pillars of the ancient jungle temple.

Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin – Walkthrough Famous scenes from Aladdin are recreated in magical sets along the winding stone passageways of this fantastic walkthrough tucked away in Adventureland.

Aladdin Walkthrough Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dark Ride [All Ages] The Disneyland Paris version of Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the best attractions at the park. Climb onto a log flume boat for a spirited voyage through balmy lagoons, past boisterous pirates, and down waterfalls. The animatronics and scenery are so well done in this ride and it is great fun!

Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

La Cabane des Robinson – Walkthrough [CLOSED] The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is features an intricate series of walkways and stairs that lead to beautifully detailed rooms, including a kitchen, library and some bedrooms – all filled with salvaged decoration. Climb to the lookout area at the top for views of the island below. 


Discoveryland Disneyland Paris

Autopia – Race Car Track [Minimum Height to Ride: 81 cm / 2′ 8″; Minimum Height to Drive: 1.32 m / 3′ 9″] Take the wheel of a futuristic car, as envisaged by inventors in the 1950s, and accelerate your way along a winding route. Drivers who are at least 52 inches (132 cm) tall can strap in and drive their own car. Additionally, Guests who are at least 32 inches (81 cm) tall are also allowed to drive as long as they are accompanied by someone who is at least 52 inches (132 cm) tall

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – Dark Ride [All Ages] – Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is an interactive shooting ride that is a favourite Disneyland Paris attraction for young children. This fun ride into space continues the epic battle between Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg, as seen in the popular Disney Pixar Toy Story film series.

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast Disneyland Paris

Mickey’s PhilharMagic – 4D Show Experience [All Ages] Join Donald Duck on a whirlwind tour of some of the most memorable songs in Disney animation history, including: “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast; “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid and “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from The Lion King. 12-minute-long show featuring 3D effects, scents, and water, as well as a number of characters from Disney movies.

Orbitron – Aerial Ride [All Ages] Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings of the solar system, Orbitron is a spinning attraction where guests fly their own rocket ship around gleaming orbiting planets.

Disney Paris Attractions Orbitron

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Star Tours: The Adventures Continue – Simulator Ride [Height Requirement: 1.02 m / 3′ 4″] Guests go on a Starspeeder 1000, piloted by C-3PO, for a thrilling, 3D voyage through the galaxy. This is a fun experience where you feel like you’re part of the action!

Disneyland Paris Star Wars Rides

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – Thrill Ride [Height Requirement: 1.02 m / 3′ 4″] One of the top thrill rides at Disneyland Paris, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is an indoor rollercoaster ride that takes guests on an exciting journey through space at light speed, all set to an iconic Star Wars soundtrack.

Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland Paris

Les Mystères du Nautilus – Walkthrough [CLOSED] One of the hidden gems in Disneyland Paris, Les Mystères du Nautilus (The Mysteries of the Nautilus) is a brilliant walk-through in Discoveryland based on the 1950s movie, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Disneyland Paris Walkthrough Les Mysteres Nautilis

Disneyland Park Shows

Dream… and Shine Brighter

Part of Disneyland Paris’s 30th anniversary celebrations, Dream… and Shine Brighter is a 15-minute daytime show that starts at the top of Main Street. See Mickey and Minnie decked out in their shiny costumes in a festive parade with Disney characters that ends with a performance in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disney Character Parade Disneyland Paris Celebrations

Disney Illuminations

The night-time fireworks and illuminations show is back at Disneyland Paris! At 11pm every night (check the app for most up to date timings), there’s a spectacular extravaganza in the Central Plaza of Disneyland Park with projections onto Sleeping Beauty Castle and dazzling fireworks set to a fantastic soundtrack.

Disney Stars on Parade

The Disney Stars on Parade is a definitely must-see when visiting Disneyland Paris, with one of the highlights being seeing the fire-breathing Maleficent Dragon from Sleeping Beauty and seeing Mickey and friends on their Steampunk-themed float. Disney Stars on Parade is on everyday, usually at 5:30pm. Check the Disneyland Paris app for the most up to date start time for your visit.

Disneyland Paris Parade Disney Stars

Disneyland Park’s character parade brings together Disney characters from classic movies such as Peter Pan, Lion King, Jungle Book and Toy Story, alongside recent blockbusters such as Frozen and Finding Nemo, on colourful floats led by dancers and performers.

Character Parade Disneyland Paris

The Disney Stars on Parade begins at the big gate near “it’s a small world”. Tip: Pick a spot near this gate, so you can head straight to a ride while most guests are still watching the parade as it winds its way through the park.

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands

Brilliant 30 minute stage performance reliving iconic moments from The Lion King. Located in the Frontierland Theatre, the largest theatre in Disneyland Paris.

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Walt Disney Studios Attractions

The second park at Disneyland Paris is Walt Disney Studios Park, a smaller version of Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Walt Disney Studios Park features attractions and shows themed on Pixar, Marvel and Disney television.

Walt Disney Studios Park Attractions

There are four areas in Walt Disney Studios Park: Front Lot, Production Courtyard, Toon Studios and Worlds of Pixar. Most of the Walt Disney Studios Paris attractions are in the Worlds of Pixar section, including the popular Ratatouille: The Adventure ride and Crush’s Coaster.

Front Lot

Upon entering through the turnstiles at Walt Disney Studios Paris, you will step into the Front Lot, which pays homage to Walt Disney’s early career in cinema. Sights include the iconic Sorcerer’s Apprentice fountain and the giant Earful Towers, inspired by the water tower on the Walt Disney Studios lot in California.

Disney Studio 1 – Walkthrough The largest building in Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Studio 1 functions as a “Main Street” of the park. Stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, lined with glitzy boutiques and restaurants, or go backstage on a Hollywood film set and discover the hidden secrets of filmmaking.

Walt Disney Studios Park Disneyland Paris Front Lot

Production Courtyard

The only attraction at the Production Courtyard is the terrifying Twilight Zone Tower of Terror drop ride. The other buildings in the Production Courtyard house performances, such as the current Disney Junior Dream Factory show aimed at young children.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Drop Ride [Minimum Height: 1.02 m (3′ 4″)] This iconic, immersive Disney park experience set in an abandoned, haunted hotel is geared towards tweens, teenagers and adults. Hair-raising horrors and ghostly special effects surround as you plummet around 160ft.

Tower of Terror Attraction Walt Disney Studios Park

Worlds of Pixar

Disneyland Paris recently introduced Worlds of Pixar as the new name to encompass the Pixar attractions and experiences in Walt Disney Studios Park. There are seven attractions in Worlds of Pixar, including the popular Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille: The Adventure and the newest addition, Cars Road Trip.

Worlds of Pixar Disneyland Paris

Cars Quatre Roues Rallye – Spinning Ride [All Ages] Hop into vehicle and take a fast trip with Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater is in this Cars-themed, high action spinning ride. Unique to Disneyland Paris, Cars Race Rally is fun for all ages and features excellent theming.

Cars Race Rally Walt Disney Studios Park Disney Paris

Cars Road Trip – Tram Ride [All Ages] Cars Road Trip is an easy tram ride, ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolers, that goes around a wooded area showing various characters from the Cars franchise. Halfway through there is a part with amazing effects which was a fun surprise.

Cars Road Trip Disneyland Paris

Crush’s Coaster – Thrill Ride [Minimum Height: 1.07 m (3′ 6″)] One of the most popular Walt Disney Studios Paris attractions, Crush’s Coaster is entirely unique to Disneyland Paris. Guests ride in a spinning turtle shell through memorable moments from Finding Nemo. 

Ratatouille: The Adventure – Simulator Ride [All Ages] Ratatouille: The Adventure was one of the attractions that was unique to Disneyland Paris until it opened at Epcot at Walt Disney World Orlando in October 2021.

Ratatouille Adventure Ride Disneyland Paris

In this 4D trackless ride experience, guests ride in a rat car being chased and scurrying about a kitchen. The kids loved this one and it is a fun experience. Note: it can cause motion sickness with the constant stop/start movements and 3D screens.

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RC Racer – Thrill Ride [Minimum Height: 1.20 m (3′ 11″)] Inspired by the Disney Pixar Toy Story films, RC Racer is a 25-metre half-pipe coaster ride where guests are hurtled up and down in a huge remote controlled car.

RC Racer Walt Disney Studios Park

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin – Carousel Ride [All Ages] Suitable for all ages, this caterpillar-style attraction takes guests on a circular ride up and down at a gentle incline.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop – Drop Ride [Minimum Height: 81 cm (2′ 8″)] Buckle up and brace yourself for a thrilling 82-foot drop! Another popular ride in the Worlds of Pixar, the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop is based on the Toy Story scene when the Green Army Men parachute through the stairs banisters.

Toon Studio

Located next to the Disney Studios 1 building, Toon Studio consists of two attractions, the Animation Academy and the Aladdin-themed Flying Carpets over Agrabah. The main building in Toons Studio is the Animagique Theatre, where you can watch the brilliant Mickey and the Magician show.

Animation Academy – Come and join the academy and learn how to draw a Disney character! The Animation Academy experience is subject to availability.

Animation Academy Walt Disney Studios Park Disney Paris

Les Tapis Volants – Aerial Ride [All Ages] Similar to the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, Flying Carpets over Agrabah takes guests on a flying ride on magic carpets above the bustling streets of Agrabah.

Walt Disney Studios Shows

Disney Junior Dream Factory

Located in the Production Courtyard, the new Disney Junior Dream Factory show features Mickey and Minnie alongside Disney Junior stars Fancy Nancy, Vampirina and Timon from The Lion Guard.

Help Mickey and Minnie fix the Dream Factory’s dream-making machines through song and dance. This show is aimed at young children, in particular toddlers and pre-schoolers, and promises a fun, interactive show.

Mickey & the Magician

One of the must-see entertainment experiences at Disneyland Paris is the Mickey and the Magician musical show. There are usually four performances a day at Animagique Theater in Toon Studio.

Mickey and the Magician Show at Disneyland Paris

Set in the great Magician’s atelier in 19th century Paris, this spectacular show follows Mickey as he learns the tricks of his trade from magical Disney characters. Wonderful performances include Genie from Aladdin, Lumière from Beauty and the Beast and Rafiki from The Lion King.

Premier Access

FastPASS has been replaced with a paid for service, Disney Premier Access, to skip the queue at top park attractions. It is a great option to maximise your time at the parks, especially if you are only visiting for one or two days and during peak season.

There are now two options available to purchase: Premier Access Ultimate and Premier Access One.

Premier Access Disneyland Paris Rides

Disney Premier Access Ultimate is a multi-attraction pass that allows you to ride each of the 14 listed attractions one time, whenever you want, on that day. Costs vary depending on the season, from €60 per person on low season days to €190 per person on peak season days (€120 for mid-season, €160 for high season).

Premier Access Ultimate is available to purchase on the day or in advance, via the Disneyland Paris app or website or through the Disney holiday experts, as long as you have park tickets linked to your account.

Disney Premier Access One is a one-attraction, ad-hoc pass that ranges in cost from from €5 to €15 per person per ride, depending on the season. You are allocated the next available time slot to join the fast lane.

Select rides at Disneyland Park with Disney Premier Access available include Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Peter Pan’s Flight, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Autopia, Orbitron and Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.

Disney Premier Access Big Thunder Mountain

At Walt Disney Studios Park, you can book Premier Access for Ratatouille: The Adventure, Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure, Crush’s Coaster, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Avengers Assemble: Flight Force.

The most common way to purchase Disney Premier Access is via the Disneyland Paris app. Premier Access Ultimate can also be purchased in advance online or through the Disney holiday experts. Premier Access One can only be purchased on the day, once you have entered one of the parks, via the app or in person at the Disneyland Park Guest Services.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access System

The Premier Access purchases are linked to your park tickets, and you will be issued QR codes to be scanned at the Premier Access station at the attraction.

Rides with Height Requirements

The rides with height requirements at Disneyland Park are;

Autopia, Discoveryland – Minimum Height to Ride: 81 cm (2′ 8″); Minimum Height to Drive: 1.32 m (4′ 4″)

Big Thunder Mountain, Frontierland – Minimum Height: 1.02 m (3′ 4″)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Adventureland – Minimum Height: 1.40 m (4’7″)

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, Discoveryland – Minimum Height: 1.02 m (3′ 4″)

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Discoveryland – Minimum Height: 1.20 m (3′ 11″)

The rides with height requirements at Walt Disney Studios are;

Crush’s Coaster – Minimum Height: 1.07 m (3′ 6″)

RC Racer – Minimum Height: 1.20 m (3′ 11″)

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop – Minimum Height: 81 cm (2′ 8″)

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Minimum Height: 1.02 m (3′ 4″)

Disneyland Paris |

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