It’s officially Spring and what better time to launch this new blog about getting out and exploring with my little one! Little T turns 18 months tomorrow, a bundle of energy who loves the outdoors, playing with cars, books about animals, water activities and kicking or throwing about a ball. I’m excited about sharing our experiences exploring London and the surrounding areas here on Piccolo Explorer – I’ve been leafing through guidebooks and browsing blogs for fresh ideas of spots to visit once the weather warms up, as well as those we can also enjoy on gloomy, rainy day.

This past week we kicked off our Piccolo Explorer adventures with a visit to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, where Little T loved taking the bus driver’s seat and trying his hand at steering the big wheel, then on Thursday, we took the car out for an easy drive (about half an hour from Chiswick) to Windsor to explore the castle grounds and State Apartments. More to come about these two trips soon!

I hope you enjoy following our little adventures, whether we’re checking out the local sights, exploring a museum or exhibition, trying a new restaurant, wandering around the countryside, traveling within the UK or abroad or simply running around one of this city’s many parks…

Richmond Park

[January in Richmond Park]

Science Museum

[February at the Science Museum]

Now, about that warmer weather…


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