We’ve just returned from a week in Fano, Italy, where we were visiting my in-laws. We spent plenty of time at the seaside taking in the fresh sea air, but one of my favorite morning walks was around the city centre. At one point, we were in the main square, Piazza XX Settembre, and Little T dashed off in the direction of Corte Malatestiana, the courtyard of the Malatesta Palace (Palazzo di Malatesta).

The palace was the family residence of the Malatesta family that was in power from the end of the 12th century to about the mid-1400s, and today houses the Civic Museum and Art Gallery. We spent some time wandering around Corte Malatestiana, having a look at numerous ancient artefacts. Little T was especially in awe of the massive pot, bell and anchors.

Corte Malatestiana Fano



11 thoughts on “Corte Malatestiana, Fano”

    1. The city center of Fano is lovely to explore and full of history, with many parts of the ancient Roman wall surrounding the city still intact. Thanks for stopping by and for hosting #MySundayPhoto!

    1. I’m glad that we ended up there as I wasn’t planning on it and I hope to go back for a proper look at the Museum and Art Gallery as what we saw around the courtyard was fascinating. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I really wonder the same! Fano is lovely, I try to explore the city whenever we have a chance and Little T is enjoying it more each time. This was a lovely discovery! Thanks for stopping by!

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